Bottom Ad Crawler

Ad Unit Specifications

Dimensions (WxH In Pixels) 970(w) x 90(h) pixels
File Types *GIF, *JPG, or HTML5 (Hosted on Third Party)
Image (GIF/JPG) File Size Max 100 KB.
Animation Duration Max No limits.
Allows 3rd Party Serving? Yes
Allows 3rd Party Tracking? No
Video & Audio Permitted? No
Close Button Our default "X Close" button will be used.
*Applicable for GIF or JPG file. For HTML5, please include close button

HTML Specifications

URL Linking URLs must be domain name based and cannot be the IP address (i.e., http://207.123.456.78 )

Please provide landing URL for all creative.

Third Party

For 3rd party hosting, please request technical specifications from the 3rd party.

Other Notes:

  • Has a frequency Cap of 3x per unique visitor


Currently we are not able to host HTML5 format banner directly onto our ad server and we require third party hosting in order to host the banner to serve it on our sites.
For this, kindly refer to the third party technical specifications and templates, as per below
HTML5 Adhesion