Tracking Clicks in Flash Banners

The steps below will guide you in preparing your flash banners so that our Ad Management System can track the click rates of your banners ad



All banner ads should have their entire area clickable. To do this, follow the steps below :

Open your Flash Document.

Create a layer named 'invisible_button' above all your other layers.

Draw a shape that will cover the banner area.

Select the shape that you have just drawn. Access the 'Convert to Symbol' dialogue by clicking on Modify > Convert to Symbol... or use the shortcut 'F8' key. Next, give the Symbol a Name of 'invisible_button' and its type should be set to 'Button' Finally, press OK

Double click your newly created button symbol to edit it

Follow these steps, to make the button 'invisible'

Select the 'Hit' Frame

Press 'F6' to insert a keyframe at the 'Hit' Frame

Select the 'Up' Frame

Press the Delete Key to delete the contents of the 'Up', 'Over' and 'Down' frame.

Finally, end the symbol editing and you should see that your button has turned into a see-through blue colour to indicate that the button is there but it is transparent.

Select your 'invisible button' and access the Actions Pane by clicking on Window > Actions or use the shortcut 'F9' key

If the Actions Pane is in Script Assist Mode, click on the 'Script Assist' button to deactivate it.

You should see something like the screenshot below and you should be able to type directly into the Script Box

Copy and paste the code below as an action for your button.

And you should see the following in your Actions Pane.

That's it. The clicks for your banner can now be tracked.


  • Why can't I put the exact URL for the ad into the clickthrough?

    If you do this, the banner tracking system will not be able to track the clicks for your ad. If the code you use looks like this :-

    getURL("", "_blank");

    The system will not be able to track the clicks for your ad because it can't find the _level0.clickTag word as in the example below.


  • have seen getURL(clickThru, "_blank"); being used before. Can't I use that?

    Again the same problem arises because our system can't find the _level0.clickTag word. The system will also not be able to track your ads if you use clickThru instead of_level0.clickTag

  • I am always told to change the code but I do exactly as is shown. The code that I have typed is :-

    getURL("_level0.clickTag", "_blank");

    What am I doing wrong?

    When you type your codes, please make sure that the word?_level0.clickTag is not enclosed in quotes ( " ) like this "_level0.clickTag". Your code should look like this instead getURL(_level0.clickTag, "_blank"); It would be better if you did not retype the code but rather copy and paste it from the many examples that have been provided above.

NOTE : Do not put the exact URL into the getURL

e.g. getURL("", "_blank");

  • We will not be able to track the click rates of your banner ad if you do this. Please follow the above instructions and pass us the URL and we will make sure that your banner will point to the URL.