Ad Unit Specifications

Direct Serving

Portal The Star Online (Except Homepage), mStar, Star2, Carsifu, Starproperty, Mystarjob, Kuali
Placement ** Top (ATF & BTF) : The Star Online (Except Homepage), Mstar, Carsifu, Kuali (Except Homepage)
** Top Only (ATF) : Starproperty (Except Homepage), Mystarjob
** Placement is shared with Rectangular
Platform Desktop & Mobile (Web). Responsive
Dimensions (WxH In Pixels) 300 (w) x 600 (h)
File Format GIF / JPG / Javascript / HTML5 (basic HTML5 only. NO video)
File Size Max 250 KB
Third Party Ad Tracking Impressions and Click Tracking (Optional)
Remarks Landing Page URL required

Ad Mechanism

Note: Halfpage will rotate along with Rectangular ad (300w x 250h)