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Ad Unit Specifications

Available in The Star Online, mstar , Star2 , Mystarjob , Carsifu , Kuali , Starproperty and Propwall
** For AIM campaigns, please refer ad spec under 'AIM' tab


Note : Available on Desktop platform only.

Third Party Ad Serving

Dimension (Collapsed) 300 (w) x 250 (h)
Dimension (Expanded) 600 (w) x 250 (h)
Expanded Direction Left.
File Size 100 kb (Collapsed) , 100 - 500 kb (Expanded)
Video MP4 / WEBM (Optional)
Video File Size 2.2 MB
Video Aspect Ratio 4:3 / 16:9
Third Party Ad Tracking Impressions and Click Tracking (Optional)

** Production cost and hosting are applicable.
** Requires minimum 5 days for production.

Ad Mechanism

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**For third party ad serving will require minimum 5 days for production