Bottom Ad Crawler

Ad Unit Specifications

*Ad Placement Available in The Star Online (Homepage OR News) , mstar (Homepage)
** Note : Available in Desktop platform only.

** Only ONE advertiser per day per placement accepted (E-bar Hybrid OR Bottom Ad Crawler)

Direct Serving

Dimensions (WxH In Pixels) 970 (w) x 90 (h)
File Size 100 KB.
File Types JPG / GIF only.
** For HTML5 files, ad MUST be served under Third Party.
Close Button Default "X Close" button will automatically be applied on the banner.

Third Party Ad Serving

Dimensions (WxH In Pixels) 970 (w) x 90 (h) Desktop
Video & Audio Ad Serving No.
Ad mechanism Ad will appear static until user interact or close the ad. 'Close button' must be included in the banner.
Third Party Tracking Impressions and Click Tracking (Optional)

** Production cost and hosting are applicable.
** Requires minimum 5 days for production.

Ad Mechanism

**For rich media (Video / Audio) will need to served under third party. Requires minimum 5 days for production

Third Party Ad Spec || Demo Page