Mobile Underlay

Ad Unit Specifications

Third Party Ad Serving

** Production cost and hosting are applicable.
** Requires minimum 5 days for production.

Platform Mobile (Web).
Placement The Star Online (Storypages only)
**In-between article pages (after 4th paragraph)
Ad Mechanism Scroll to reveal ad. If ad contains video, sound mute by default
Dimensions (WxH In Pixels) 640 (w) x 1386 (h)
Safe Area (WxH In Pixels) 640 (w) x 960(h)
**Refer sample here
File Types JPG, GIF, HTML5 (Required)
File Size Less than 900 KB
Video MP4 , WEBM (Optional)
Video File Size Less than 8 MB
Video Duration 30 seconds or less (Recommended)
Video Dimension (WxH in Pixels) Recommended 640 (w) x 360 (h)
Video Aspect Ratio 16:9, 4:3, 9:16, 3:4, 1:1
Bitrate Video maximum 600kbps, Audio maximum 128kbps
Demo Page View Link Here
**Please view Demo in mobile environment
Remarks Landing Page URL required
Third Party Ad Tracking Impressions and Click Tracking (Optional)

Ad Mechanism