Mobile Card

Ad Unit Specifications

Dimension 640 (w) x 360 (h)
File Size 300 kb
Supported File Types HTML / GIF / JPG / PNG
Cards Creative 4 (Maximum) consist of 2 Maximum Video Slides (only 1 allow for auto preview)
Video MP4 , WEBM (Optional)
Video File Size 3 MB
Video Dimension 640 (w) x 360 (h)
Video File Size 3 MB
Video Duration 30 seconds
Bit Rate 500 Kbps
Codecs H.264/AAC, VP8/ VP9
Video Aspect Ratio 4:3, 16:9
Video Autoplay Optional
Third Party Ad Tracking Impressions and Click Tracking (Optional)

Ad Mechanism

**Material will be hosted under third party. Requires maximum 5 days for production

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